• Utility Lighting: Simple & Functional Lighting For Utility Rooms

  • Utility lighting plays an important roll in the mood and practicality of spaces used for utility purposes. This more functional type of fixture is usually very simple in design and style. Quite useful for residential and commercial spaces, utility lighting is very useful in rooms dedicated to utility purposes, such as laundry rooms, garages, stockrooms, or warehouses.

    Utility Lighting Options & Benefits

    General purpose, or utility lighting can provide solutions for a variety of spaces. The choices for utility fixtures are numerous, including different styles of fixtures, ballasts, diffusers, lamps, and mounting options.

    Utility Light Fixture Types

    Type of Fixture Use Benefits
    Wall Packs Security, Parking Lot Durable, Shatter-Resistant
    Flood Fixtures Outdoor, Parking Lot Various Options
    LED Area Lighting Street, Park, Warehouse Energy-Saving
    High Bay Commercial Various Options
    Low Bay Garage Various Options
    Canopy Fixtures Outdoor, Wet Wet Resistant
    Decorative Lighting Anywhere Unique Style Addition
    LED Downlights Anywhere Energy-Saving
    Lay-in Troffers Office, School Energy-Saving, Even Lighting
    Wraparound Garage, Stairwell Energy-Saving
    Recessed Lighting Anywhere Various Options
    Strip/Shop Lights Workspace Convenient Pull Chains
    Security Lighting Outdoor Keeps Property Safe
    Track Lighting Ceiling, Kitchen, Office Decorative, Task
    Vapor Tight Fixtures Garage, Stairwell Resists Vapor
    Under Cabinet Lighting Kitchen, Desk, Office, Shelving Decorative, Task, Unique
    Underwater Lighting Pools, Hot Tubs, Underwater General Use, Various Options
    Low Voltage Smaller Spaces Allows Lighting Options In Smaller Spaces
    LED Fixture Retrofits Anywhere Make Improvements Without Removing Fixture
    LED Barn Lights Driveway, Yard, Property Keeps Property Safe
    LED Landscape Lighting Large Energy-Efficient, Keeps Property Safe

    Should I Add Dimmer Switches?

    Yes! Adding dimmer switches allows for absolute control over the level of illumination in any space. Dimmer switches can be easily installed by a professional electrician, reduce your utility bill, and add value to your property. A dimmer switch decreases the amount of electricity that is being consumed by allowing you to reduce the amount of light and energy being sourced to the bulb. Additionally, you can have a certified electrician install lighting controls to further save on electricity costs. Controls, like timers and photocells, save electricity by turning your lights off when not in use.

    Utility lighting is a smart addition to any utility space. If you’re looking for other types of general lighting, or need something with a bit more style—take a look at chandelier light fixtures, ceiling light fixtures, and even ceiling fans.