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  • Chandelier lighting adds your own unique sense of style and design to any room of your choosing. Whether you choose to hang your chandelier light fixture in your dining room, kitchen, bathroom, foyer, bedroom, or any other room, these hanging lights are a beautiful addition to any space.

    This type of ceiling fixture is also great for general lighting, as you can potentially use or replace any flush mount or semi flush mount ceiling fixture with a chandelier to liven up the space with your own taste. Some chandeliers will include shades, glass, or reflectors to focus light directly on the surface below. Since they tend to dominate open spaces, the chandelier’s style sets the tone for a room’s décor (arguably) more than any other ceiling fixture.

    Chandelier Light Fixture Styles

    Due to the many varieties of styles and designs, ranging from rustic to contemporary/modern—chandeliers can create a bold statement or bring a certain elegance to any room.

    • Contemporary/Modern: Little detailing, unique design/shape, clean lines
    • Mini: Great for smaller spaces, are tinier versions of grand-chandeliers, takes up less space
    • Rustic: Unique designs such as animal horns, branches, or plants; more casual
    • Transitional: A mix between contemporary/modern and traditional
    • Drum: Resembles pendant lighting fixtures, one or more lampshades
    • Crystal: Expensive, more traditional in design, romantic lighting
    • Traditional: Ornate, more formal in appearance
    • Tiered: Can be any style, bigger in size with each tier

    What Size Chandelier Light Fixture Do I Need?

    Choose a chandelier that has a diameter that’s in proportion to the size of your space and furnishings. We recommend the following guidelines for choosing an appropriately sized chandelier light fixture.

    Room Size Type Chandelier Diameter Size
    Smaller room (10′ x 10′) Mini 20″ and smaller
    Rooms between 12′ x 12′ up to 15′ Mid-Sized 20″ – 36″
    Large rooms/foyers 15′ and up Large 36″ and larger

    Should I Add Dimmer Switches?

    Absolutely! Adding a dimmer switch allows you full control of the level of illumination in any room, to match your preferred atmosphere. Dimmer switches can be easily installed by a professional electrician, can save money, and add value to the home or business.

    Where Do I Hang My Chandelier?

    If you hire a professional electrician, they can hang your light fixtures without a worry. But before any holes are drilled in the ceiling, here are some tips to follow for where your chandelier will hang in relationship to the space it will be in:

    • Dining Room/Island/Kitchen Table: Hang 30″ to 36″ above table, ensure chandelier is 12″-14″ smaller than the width of the table, size of fixture depends on table and room size
    • Foyer: Hang 9′ to 10′ from the floor, center in front window (if applicable), use large fixtures
    • Bedroom: If room is 9′ tall, bottom of fixture no less than 6′ to 7′ above floor, use mid-sized or mini fixtures
    • Bathroom: If bath has high-moisture—bulbs can freeze into sockets, choose mini or mid-sized, bottom of fixture no less than 7′ above floor
    • General: Keep fixture at least 4′ from wall, 48″ from furniture
    • Rule of Thumb: Add dimensions of room in feet, convert to inches, answer should equal diameter of fixture (if room is 10′ x 15′, diameter of chandelier would be 25″)

    Chandeliers are a great addition to any room of your choosing. If you’re not sure you want a chandelier, try browsing some other types of lighting, such as pendant lighting, ceiling light fixtures, or even ceiling fans.


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