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  • How to Prepare Your Electrical Appliances for a Storm

    The Raleigh, North Carolina area has experienced a lot so far this year in terms of storms, especially with the recent tropical storm Florence. And now there’s tropical storm Michael, which may already have turned into a hurricane by the time you are reading this! And then, after Michael, no [...]

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    Childproofing Your Home From Electrical Hazards

    Childproofing your home from electrical hazards Your Raleigh home should be your haven, where both you and your children can feel secure and protected. We often spend our time and effort protecting our kids from harm that might come from outside the property, forgetting that right within the walls[...]

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    Home Electrical Safety Inspection Checklist

    A home electrical safety inspection offers peace of mind by offering things such as safe operation of electrical components, electrocution prevention, recognition of outdated wiring, and the reduction of energy costs. The Electrical Safety Foundation recommends an electrical inspection when [...]

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