• testimonial photo ken cThank you for the economical invoice amount. Based on the excellent quality of the work and the time “Stanly” and “Andrew” spent dealing with the oversized mount issue, you could easily have justified a larger bill.  (Forgive me if I got the workers’ names wrong–they were efficient and professional!) At the end we had a moment of concern, since the lamps came on briefly, then went off.  Fortunately, my wife remembered that they are on a sensor and do not remain on until twilight.

    I expected your estimate to be more than the $950 from a local guy, since you did a much more thorough evaluation than he did.  It will take longer for me to save enough money for the job; it may be mid-summer before I can afford to do it. With any luck, the price will not have increased by then. Thank you for the excellent quality of both the work and the estimate.

    Ken C.