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3 Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Inspire Your Raleigh Bath Decor

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    From pampering to other business, people spend about 1.5 years in the bathroom in a lifetime. (Wow!) With all of that time spent in your bathroom, we figure you may as well enjoy how it looks, right? Check out these illuminating bathroom lighting ideas to help you choose the best lighting for your Raleigh bath decor.


    Bathroom Lighting Starts at the Top

    Starting with your ceiling lighting fixtures or recessed lighting is key for overall illumination, and is the most efficient and practical way to light any room. Lighting the vanity area with some beautiful wall fixtures task lighting, such as lighting that sits above the mirror or wall sconces to either side of the mirror, adds an extra pop of style and brightness.

    Not only does the design of recessed lighting in your bathroom look great, but it’s also more efficient, versatile, and gives you more space for other things like a linens storage cabinet.


    Moving Further Down to Wall Lighting

    Choosing the best bathroom wall lighting fixtures is an important part of your overall lighting design plan.

    • Does the bathroom have high or low ceilings?
    • How big is the space?
    • How much light does the vanity need?
    • Does the bathroom have to be bright or dim?
    • Will the lights get wet or damp?

    There are plenty more details to consider when it comes to what light fixtures you’ll ultimately choose. Here are some other tips to help you choose the best lighting options for your bath area.


    More Bathroom Lighting Ideas & Tips

    • Flush mount light fixtures are commonly used in areas with limited space and low ceilings (below 8′) such as bathrooms.
    • In a shower or bath area that’s 3×4 ft or less, one fixture works well, but if it’s larger consider installing two for better lighting. Have you ever had to bathe in the dark? Yikes!
    • Consider having a certified electrician install dimmer switches and lighting controls to save on costs.
    • Try adding a mini chandelier or pendant light to spice things up. If the bath area has high-moisture—bulbs can freeze into sockets, so we suggest you choose mini or mid-sized bulbs and have the bottom of fixture no less than 7′ above the floor.
    • For any fixture – look for these ratings: wet or damp UL listing.

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