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    When it comes to outdoor landscape lighting—most people simply illuminate an exterior of a property or structure. One of the most underestimated aspects of landscape lighting is that it can actually extend living space physically and visually. More and more people are beginning to realize those aspects as valuable benefits. 

    The benefits of landscape lighting prove its value as it will draw attention to your residential and commercial properties. Outdoor decorative lighting also leaves a lasting impression by increasing curb appeal and enhancing architectural features. From led landscape lights to unique light fixtures—landscape lighting design trends are a smart and exciting choice for your outdoor space.

    Outdoor Lighting System Benefits & Techniques

    Spot lights are a great way to show off your nighttime curb appeal. This not only increases the value of your home but also increases safety in an elegant way. Outdoor spot lighting highlight landscape details by creating a warm and welcome feel. Spot lights can also highlight blooms, plants, shrubs, trees, statuary, or architectural elements. If you're concerned about saving energy, this type of light fixture comes with a variety of energy efficient and led bulb options with varied color temperatures.

    An obvious advantage to landscape lighting is the enhancement of your home's look and feel.

    One popular technique for the front landscape is to use ground lights. Ground lighting delivers light to permanent and semi-permanent areas of your outdoor space like sidewalks, trees, walls, or flagpoles.

    If you prefer not to install a more permanent solution, you can always go with more low voltage landscape lighting such as path lights. As opposed to non-wired, wired path lights include benefits like reduced light failure, flexibility for expansion, and the perks of sensors or transformers that turn lights on and off.

    Another popular trend amongst many homeowners is deck light design. Many folks use decks for a variety of reasons from sunning to entertaining to simply enjoying brunch. Adding these lights come at a fair price, typically within deck light kits, although it is recommended having an experienced electrician install them.

    Light fixtures that are a staple of many households and businesses are flood lights. Here's why:

    1. Provides clear visibility from far distances.
    2. Removes potential hiding places in dimly lit areas.
    3. Provides supplemental lighting in areas monitored with cameras.
    4. Deters crime.
    5. Increases the feeling of security and safety for pedestrians

    D C Electric of Raleigh electricians can customize a lighting plan fit to your specific needs. 

    Whether the plan is for your home or business, we put a lot of thought and care into your lighting design. We think outside of the box. Your interior lighting setup, for example, will affect the design of your exterior lighting plan, because it can directly affect the main areas that look outward. You wouldn't want a flood light that shining into your bedroom window in the evening, right? Some customers simply want boundary lighting to accent landscaping, while others desire lighting to secure their property.

    Items We'll Address In Your Custom Landscape Lighting Plan

    • Safety
    • Utility 
    • Preferred Areas
    • Favorite Outdoor Elements (Plants, Stones, Artwork)

    Our professional electricians will happily address all of those needs and more to keep your home or business aesthetically safe and sound. Contact us today to begin your customized landscape lighting plan.



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