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  • Landscape Lighting

  • At the end we had a moment of concern, since the lamps came on briefly, then went off. Fortunately, my wife remembered that they are on a sensor and do not remain on until twilight...Thank you for the excellent quality of both the work and the estimate.

    Ken C.

  • Enhance Curb Appeal & Safety With Landscape Lighting

    When it comes to outdoor lighting—most people simply illuminate an exterior of a property or structure. One of the most underestimated aspects of landscape lighting is that it can actually extend living space physically and visually. More and more people are beginning to realize those aspects as valuable benefits. 

    The benefits of exterior lighting prove their value when it comes to the visibility of residential and commercial properties. In addition to your property being seen, exterior lighting systems also leave a lasting impression by increasing curb appeal by enhancing the overall landscape and architectural features. As technology progresses, trends in landscape lighting will be smart and exciting for both businesses and consumers alike.

    The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

    • Curb Appeal
    • Decor
    • Comfort
    • Security
    • Safety

    D C Electric of Raleigh's professional electrical repair team can customize a lighting plan fit to your specific needs. Whether the plan is for your home or business, the design process of a new lighting plan does take time and thought. Giving thought to what will happen on the inside of the house based on the exterior lighting plan, for example, can directly affect the main areas that look outward. You wouldn't want to install lights that shine into your bedroom window in the evening, right? Some folks simply want boundary lighting to accent landscaping, while others desire lighting to secure their property.

    Items We'll Address In Your Custom Landscape Lighting Plan

    • Safety
    • Utility 
    • Preferred Areas
    • Favorite Outdoor Elements (Plants, Stones, Artwork)

    Our professional electricians will happily address all of those needs and more to keep your home or business aesthetically safe and sound. Contact us today to begin your customized landscape lighting plan.