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    Mitchell Meeks—The Meeks Group

  • Design Your Space With Custom Lighting

    Custom lighting is one of the most important design elements to consider when decorating your home or business. Lighting has a major effect on the mood of your space. It can make the atmosphere bright and open or even warm and romantic. It can help you to feel relaxed, comfortable or inspired. The best part is, you are in full control of your space's full aesthetic potential by being able to choose the correct lighting fixtures—and we can help.

    We truly believe that choosing the correct lighting for your space will enhance the overall appearance and design of your home or business. Our knowledgeable professionals take pride in assisting customers through the process of selecting lights to meet the unique needs of any space. It is our goal to provide all of our customers with a personalized experience.

    Contact us today to become one step closer to the personalized space you've always wanted. Visit our lighting design page to inspire ideas and view our recent projects.

    Raleigh Electricians Install Custom Lighting Designs For Your Space

    Options: Ideal For:
    Recessed Lighting / Can Lights General, Task Lighting, Accent Lighting, Large Spaces
    Directional Lighting Bathroom, Kitchen, Sitting Areas, Artwork, Outdoors
    Fireplace/Mantel General Lighting, Any Space With Fireplace
    Dimmer Switches General Lighting, Mood Setting, Dining Room, Living Room
    Under-Cabinet Lighting Kitchen Space
    Ceiling Fixtures General, Living Room, Foyer, Bedroom, Hallways
    Chandeliers General, Porch, Entryway, Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room
    Wall-Mounted Fixtures General, Task, Accent Lighting, Porch, Patio, Hallways
    Pendant Lighting General, Kitchen, Dining Room, Game Tables, Countertops, Work Areas
    Track Lighting Artwork, Architectural Details

    D C Electric of Raleigh, Inc is an Authorized Lutron® Installer. Lutron specializes in automated programmable lighting and window shades.