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You Know You Want to Do It. It’s Summer! Why Wait To Install Outdoor Lighting?

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    Stunning outdoor lighting can make your home or backyard look like a Hollywood movie set, adding drama and glamour to long summer evenings when, late, the sun sets and darkness falls.

    And we’re in the middle of that magical season! You’re having people over, sitting outside, enjoying BBQ dinners. Great lighting will make your warm evenings even more enjoyable, more beautiful, and safer for you, your family and friends.


    Outdoor lighting is expensive. It’s complicated and time-consuming to install as well as difficult to maintain.

    Actually, outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be any of those things.

    Strings of old fashioned-looking LED bulbs can create a festive atmosphere for your next party or BBQ, or for evenings just sitting in the yard enjoying a glass of wine.

    You can subtly mark pathways with stake-mounted lights to show guests how to navigate (but don’t overdo it with too many lights – your guests don’t need a landing strip!)

    Marking pathways is more than beautiful. It enhances safety at night.

    Don’t be afraid to mix styles, avoiding a cookie-cutter ‘light kit’ look.

    And with today’s massive selection of LEDs, you can choose from different color pallets, from the warm glow reminiscent of yesteryear’s incandescent bulbs to cooler shades more evocative of moonlight.

    The revolution in LED lighting means there is a lot to choose from – and these lights are super energy efficient (they won’t add much to your electric bill) and long-lasting!

    Up-lights on trees and shrubs can envelop you in a warm glow while showing off the beauty of nature usually seen only in silhouette after dark.


    Think LED ‘tubes’ or tape look tacky? Like something from Saturday Night Fever?

    Think again. In your backyard, you might consider running ribbons under brick overhangs or a railing for a soft, even glow. Like under-cabinet lighting in high-end kitchens.

    Give outdoor lighting a little thought. Talk to one of our lighting consultants.

    Lighting makes your home, yard or pool more beautiful and safer for you, your children, friends, and family.

    Today’s outdoor lighting solutions are efficient and low-cost to operate as well as designed to stand up to the elements.

    But they should be installed by experienced electricians.

    Last, consider your home’s exterior. Lighting cues on your house add a sculptural, monumental beauty as well as a sense of drama. Having lights around your house also add a sense of safety. Intruders typically don’t like to ‘work’ in well-lighted areas.

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