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Electrical Renovations

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    Electrical Renovations: Updating An Older Home

    Whether homeowners are upgrading an older home for family comfort or for selling purposes, electrical renovations are affordable and a great investment. Lighting is a selling point. The right lighting makes dark spaces and rooms bright and cheery. Closets, stairwells, and bathrooms should be well lit.

    Flush-mount ceiling lights are the proper type lighting for hallways, closets, dining rooms and stairwells. Lighting styles vary and may be selected to match the atmosphere of the space. Track lighting in the kitchen provides targeted light in specific areas. If there isn’t enough natural light, choosing track lighting and under cabinet lighting will focus on the preparation area. Track lighting also works well in areas focusing on artwork or an architectural highlight such as a beamed ceiling.

    Dimmer switches are handy for the family as well as being a selling point. Most any room can be put on a dimmer for those times when full light isn’t necessary. The living room is usually the first place dimmers are used. Pleasant lighting highlights family activities like movie night or games night.

    Ceiling fans are another gadget useful to families as well as a selling point. Many have lights which can eliminate the need for lamps. They add to the value of the house. D C Electric of Raleigh also upgrades wiring to accommodate new lighting as well as making service calls.

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