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5 Ways To Increase Your Property Value With Lighting

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    There are many ways to increase your property value with lighting when it comes to selling or updating your home (or business) in Raleigh, NC. We’ve narrowed it down to five things that you can do to increase the value sooner rather than later, most of which will not break the bank.


    Home Inspection

    Hire an electrician to check out any areas of your home that you don’t usually see. Small electrical problems can become unsafe as well as expensive headaches if you delay necessary repairs. A tiny investment today can save you a lot of cash later. Use this list to do an at-home walkthrough to prepare for what may need repaired: Home Electrical Safety Inspection Checklist.


    Install Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan Light Fixtures

    Replacing your ceiling fans with more functional, decorative fixtures will improve efficiency, functionality, and the room’s overall aesthetic. This also increases your bottom line property value.


    Update Your Bathroom Light Fixtures

    Bathroom updates very simple are always a smart move. Don’t worry about a full remodel, but make small changes to update the space that won’t hurt your property value. For quick, inexpensive updates, replace dated light fixtures with new, more modern lighting. Get some ideas for the light fixtures available to you here: Lighting Products.


    Add More Light In General

    A great way to increase the overall value of your home (or business) is to add lighting. A well-lit room just feels better, makes spaces seem larger and cleaner, and adds your own unique style. On another note, brightly lit rooms show prospective buyers that you have nothing to hide—making them feel more at ease and comfortable in the home.

    • Add recessed lights to a dim kitchen or family room
    • Add elegant wall sconces to a formal dining or living room


    Landscape Lighting

    Curb appeal is important to buyers, because this is really their first impression of your home. You can accomplish a good first impression with landscape lighting. Add exterior lighting to illuminate your trimmed hedges, highlight your lovely garden, and draw attention to your well-painted front door. Landscape lighting also adds elements of safety and security to the appeal as well, by lighting the sidewalk, porch, and steps. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, exterior lighting is the top feature that homebuyers want.

    Finally, be sure that you hire an experienced electrician to perform the work. This way you can ensure that you won’t run into any complications in the future.

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