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Think Smart Home Lighting Is Complicated and Hard to Install? Think Again!

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    Visiting friends recently we were amazed at how their home had been transformed.

    When we entered, the foyer lights faded up softly. When turning in for the night, a “set goodnight lighting” voice-command turned off the main lights while dimming the bathrooms and hallways so that we guests had no trouble finding our way around in the dark.

    Built almost 30 years ago, the house was now fitted out with smart-lighting, making it seem new.

    Using voice commands or phones and tablets, lights could be switched on or off, dimmed, and colors changed. Convenient lighting themes like, “set lights for watching T.V.” dimmed the lights in the great room so the wall-mounted television became the center of attention. The smart-lighting was impressive, convenient, and cool!

    Is everyone tech savvy? As you may have guessed, not everyone!

    But we’ve discovered that these new smart home lighting systems are about as complicated to install as adding a new tablet or laptop to your home network.

    And you don’t have to go all the way, converting every room in your house. You can start with lighting in one room or even one area of a room.


    Best of all, many of these new smart-lighting solutions are available right now and add:

    • Convenience
    • Security
    • Accessibility
    • Efficiency
    • Resale value

    Smart home lighting can be uplifting, shifting to warmer colors to enhance your mood.

    Centrally controlled lighting enhances security, making your house appear occupied (while you manage settings from anywhere in the world with an internet connection).

    Lights that turn off when no one is in the room increase energy efficiency. Motion sensors outside turn on lights when something moves nearby.

    And, as our friends showed us, smart home lighting can be decorative and fun, using pre-built settings like, “wind down at the end of the day,” or “set colors for family fun” for a night of board games with the kids.

    Smart lighting and other internet and voice-controlled systems are still more of an investment than standard systems, but that’s just what they are: an investment to increase the value of your home.

    It’s well worth your time to check out some of the options available now. In the long run, the increase in your home’s value and the ease, convenience, savings and fun may make getting started a no-brainer.

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