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Upgrade To LED Bulbs & Save Money In Raleigh

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    Did you know that your local utility company offers incentives for upgrading your home or business to more efficient lighting, such as led bulbs?


    Energy Savings & LED Bulbs for Residential Customers

    1. Duke Energy’s Smart Saver® program can get you up to $1,940 in home energy rebates. These rebates give back savings to you for making simple improvements to your home that reduce energy consumption. Some of these rebates include:
      1. HVAC Install
      2. Heat Pump Water Heater Install
      3. Attic Insulation Upgrade & Attic Sealing
      4. Duct Repair & Replacement
      5. Variable Speed Pool Pump Install
    2. Duke Energy can also provide residential customers a free in-home energy assessment, free LED lighting bulbs, and more. This assessment is designed to help homeowners understand how the home uses energy and what you can do to save energy and money. If you’re looking for even more detail in addition to the energy assessment, you may want to look into an electrical home inspection.
    3. There are many places in your home where you could replace your old bulbs with LEDs, including recessed lights and more.


    Energy Savings & LED Bulbs for Commercial Customers

    1. Duke Energy also offers incentives and rebates for commercial customers, such as retail lighting discounts. You can receive discounts up to 65% on a wide variety of energy-efficient  lighting at your local lighting retailer—such as LED bulbs. If you’re not convinced, check out the many benefits of LED lighting.
    2. As a commercial business, have you looked into the Demand Response Automation program? This program offers you the incentives to reduce energy consumption during peak hours. You can potentially get a 14% reduction of your monthly energy bill.
    3. If you’re thinking about installing high-efficiency lighting systems, or already have them, you may also qualify for many other lighting incentives.
    4. Operating a small business? As a small business owner in Raleigh, you can also qualify to have Duke Energy pay up to 80% of select energy efficiency improvements. This also includes even small upgrades, such as using LED bulbs!

    That’s it! Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with the electrical installations, however you should contact your local power company directly for more detailed information on these programs. We’ve worked with many customers who have seen the savings benefits of participating in these programs, both residential and commercial.

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