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    Whole Home Lighting LED
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    Whole Home Lighting Systems

    With convenient contemporary systems, homeowners can have the latest smart home lighting technology as well as the best in energy efficiency. Energy-efficient light bulbs and LED lights are made for today's lighting options. D C Electric of Raleigh provides and installs high-tech Lutron whole-house lighting systems. Inspired by the best loved rooms of a home, we're excited to be an authorized dealer of a new type of smart home system—and it's simpler than ever. Lutron HomeWorks QS puts you in command of your home, room by room. Use the intuitive touchscreen to control every aspect of your home's comfort, security and entertainment. Even better, HomeWorks QS does it all for you—with the touch of a button or swipe of your hand. It's like living in a luxury hotel that runs itself.

    Unparalleled Total Home Control

    Total Home Control
    Safe Home Lighting
    Schedule Lighting for a Safer Home

    Homeowners can schedule the lighting system so that lights in certain rooms, as well as outdoor lighting, come on at different times. When the home is empty, the lights coming on in different rooms give the appearance that someone is home. A Lutron system integrates indoor and outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is excellent for keeping prowlers away and letting homeowners and visitors safely see to walk outdoors around the house after the sun goes down. Another advantage to having lights that are scheduled is that no one has to come home to a dark house. A warm and inviting feeling comes over homeowners and their children when they come home to a house that has a welcoming light on for them. The lights can be set to come on just before someone will return.

    Sensor Lighting for Convenience

    Lights that are set to come on when sensors detect movement are safety features for home interiors and exteriors as well. For instance, lights can come on in the bathroom when someone goes into the room and turn off when they leave. Lights that come on only when someone is in the room or outdoor space save electricity.

    Automatic Lights

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    If you're looking for a lighting company in Raleigh, NC, look no further than D C Electric of Raleigh. We're the premier outdoor lighting company in Raleigh, North Carolina.