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Generator Repair in Durham, NC

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    Our highly skilled technicians offer professional generator repair throughout Durham, NC. We fix portable and whole-house generators for both residential and commercial customers. Our repair and maintenance services help you prepare for the next severe thunderstorm or hurricane. When you need rapid assistance, we can also perform emergency repairs. The team at D C Electric comes highly recommended by Tesla for commercial projects.

    Keep Your Power Running with D C Electric of Raleigh

    Professional service helps ensure your generator will work safely and reliably when you need it. As a result, you can avoid extreme heat or frozen water pipes during a power outage. It also prevents the loss of refrigerated and frozen food. You won’t have to rely on flashlights or candles for light.

    Generator maintenance is crucial for many businesses in Durham, NC as well. A dependable generator keeps lights and security systems up and running. If you own a store, restaurant, or hotel, you won’t lose valuable food inventory. Generator power also lets you continue to serve customers during an electrical outage that forces other businesses to shut down.

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    Tips to Maintain the Condition of Your Generator

    By taking certain steps, you can reduce the need for generator repair and boost the reliability of your equipment. Don’t neglect to “exercise” your generator regularly. Instead of finding out that it needs repair when a power outage occurs, this will allow you to request service at a much more convenient time.

    Periodically inspect your generator’s air intake. Confirm that it isn’t blocked; check for accumulations of tree debris or other objects. A blocked intake can result in various problems, such as overheating. Consequently, it’s important to remove anything that interferes with proper airflow.

    When performing an inspection of your generator, be sure to look at the filters and spark plugs. If possible, it’s best to replace worn spark plugs rather than clean them. This will help to ensure optimal reliability.

    Remember to change the oil when needed. See the manufacturer’s instructions for specific advice. Some generators will automatically turn off when the oil runs low, so it’s best to take action before this happens. Keep some extra oil in storage so that you won’t have to search for it during a power outage, when roads or stores may be closed.

    Use an enclosure or cover to shield your equipment from inclement weather. To protect it from minor flooding, place the generator on top of a platform. Make sure it isn’t near any flammable materials. Don’t put your generator less than 10 feet away from a propane or gasoline canister.Durham, NC residents should also be sure to protect their equipment from impact damage. If vehicles drive or park nearby, consider installing a fence or bollards. Trim any trees with branches that could fall on the generator. Otherwise, a storm might damage the machine and prevent it from working in a power outage.

    Our Trusted Generator Services in Durham, NC

    You can rely on D C Electric of Raleigh to repair propane, gasoline, and other generators in the Durham, NC area. We service a wide range of equipment, including generators installed by other contractors. As a licensed electrician in Durham, NC, D C Electric has earned the trust of many residents and business owners.

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    When you need professional generator maintenance or any services of a residential electrician in Raleigh, NC, contact D C Electric for top-notch repairs and installation. Our long-term experience ensures that we can solve a variety of electrical issues both quickly and affordably. To get started, please fill out our online contact form or call today.