• Are Surge Protectors Really Necessary?

  • surge protectorsWhy You Need Surge Protectors

    While most people think of surge protectors as power strips, these devices are much more useful than just a place to plug in a group of appliances and gadgets. The most important function is to protect your equipment in the event of a lightning strike. With guidance from our electricians at D C Electric of Raleigh, you’ll learn the importance of these essential home safety devices.

    These power devices are designed to either absorb excess electricity and divert it away from your electronics or to shut off in the event of a lightning strike. In addition, surge protectors:

    • Protects phone, internet, and cable wiring
    • Makes it easy and fast to turn off multiple devices before leaving home or in anticipation of a storm.

    Surge protectors can serve many roles in your home. For more information on safely using these safety devices, and preventing electrical hazards in your home, contact us today.