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13 Feb, 2023
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3 Styles Of Lighting To Enhance Your Bathroom 

The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms to beautify, whether you plan on selling your house or enjoy it while you call the space home. Why not brighten it up with the right lighting style?

Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting establishes focal points to draw eyes to a lit-up area highlighting the most flattering details. When used correctly, accent lights spotlight artwork or other places you want to stand out. 

Maybe you have an antique tub you’d like to highlight. Adding a chandelier accent light above the tub will naturally draw your eyes to the beautiful antique.

The brightness of accent lights falls between ambient and task lighting.

Add cove lights built into the ledges of the ceiling, or backlight or frame a mirror. Alternatively, add rope lights.

Ambient Lighting 

Ambient lighting is the primary or general bathroom light, usually providing soft overhead illumination. 

Ideally, ambient lights cast evenly onto all four corners of the bathroom.

Recessed lights mounted inside shallow ceiling openings or light rail molding provide ambient lighting. Also, ceiling fans with attached lights suffice.

Use this light with a dimmer switch to dim the ambient lighting for the middle of the night bathroom trips that don’t disrupt your natural sleep circadian rhythm.

Task Lighting

Task lighting helps fulfill the room’s functional purpose. Light up small areas, like a mirror or next to the sink, to help you perform detail-oriented specific tasks such as shaving or putting on makeup. Task lighting is also an excellent way to provide lighting in a room that typically lacks natural sunlight.

Ideally, task lighting will shed light on your face while performing grooming tasks with white-emitting bulbs in a position that eliminates casting shadows.

Add scone lights along the sides of the vanity mirror to light up your face. Install pendant lights that hang from the ceiling, or choose track lighting. 

Additional Considerations

Also, think about the architectural design of your bathroom. From Art Deco to Modern Farmhouse, consider these elements of your lighting style choice:

  1. fixture type
  2. placement
  3. color
  4. illumination output
  5. Cleanability

Safety First

When installing lights near water, always keep electrical safety in mind. Lighting wiring needs to be grounded, and the power supply separate from the outlets.

Ask An Expert

Are you still deciding on which style of lighting to enhance your bathroom? Let an expert from DC Electric help you! Wherever you live in the Raleigh area, reach out to our residential electrician in Clayton, NC, in the south, or an electrician in Wake Forest, NC, northeast of the city! We provide you with extensive experience and knowledge of installing lighting and beautifying homes in North Carolina. Contact us today!