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03 Mar, 2016
Posted by D C Electric
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Back-Up Power Generators

power generatorsPower Generators Keep You Safe

The best way to insure that your home or business has electricity when the lines are down and the power is off is by connecting your home or business with power generators.

The aging power grid of the United States is in the news. Even the slightest outbreak of severe weather can cause an interruption in power service to homes and businesses. These power interruptions can last for days of even weeks if the area is hit by the remnants of a hurricane or a severe winter storm.

We can install a back-up power generation system that has the capability to supply power to your entire home or business. These systems are superior to portable power generators because the in-house system will kick on as soon as a power cut is detected. The in-house systems also have a larger power capacity.

D C Electric of Raleigh is a fully licensed and insured electrical contractor with over 30 years of experience installing the power generators needed for our customers’ homes and businesses.

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