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20 Dec, 2022
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Can I Add A Port In My Garage For My Electric Car?

Electric cars are becoming commonplace vehicles on our roadways. They offer users savings on their monthly fuel costs because the vehicles run off rechargeable batteries instead of gasoline. Thus, electric cars have become an ideal investment.

Adding A Port In The Garage Is Complicated

Once you have purchased an electric car, you will have to decide where to add an electrical charging port in the garage. Keeping your electric car fully charged should be your main priority. Much like your smartphone, you need battery life or you won’t be traveling far that day.

Unfortunately, the lack of charging stations in public spaces limits your options. Ultimately, you will have to add a charging port to your property. And depending on the space available, the most logical location is the garage.

However, planning to add a charging port to your garage is no small task. You have to choose between a plugged-in or hardline charging port. The plugged-in setup is a portable charging system that allows you to move around the garage. A hardline electric car charger port is directly wired into your garage wall. Keep in mind about this choice, the repairs are complicated and expensive. The additional cost depends on the choice of the charging port and what modifications are needed to complete the project.

What Are Your Options?

There are two ways to go about installing a charging port. First, you can install a port that works best in the garage. Usually, it is a standard 120-volt circuit that effectively charges your electric car (8-12 hours to fully charge) without requiring much modification to the garage.

The second option is inserting a 240-volt circuit system onto the garage wall. It is the common choice among electric car owners. This option allows you to charge multiple vehicles at one time. Obviously, the larger volt circuit port works faster than a 120V circuit. An electric car can be fully charged in 4-6 hours. Plus, a 240V outlet is compatible with a washing machine and clothes dryer.

Installation Comes With Choices

Either choice will require an electrician to install the charger port and the accompanying wiring that runs from the main electrical panel inside the home. Ideally, you want the charger port mounted on the wall. The setup will be different as the port needs to be protected from the outside elements.

At the same time, you will need to upgrade your home’s electrical panel, so your electric car can properly charge each night. Confer with a licensed electrician to see if you need a trench and running conduit around the garage as well.

Remember, after you purchase an electric car, it comes with a Level 1 port charger, which is compatible with most standard 120V outlets. However, if you choose to install a 240V port, it is easier to dedicate a circuit panel to the charger on the house’s main electrical board. If this is not an option, install a modern main electrical board in the home.

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