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06 Apr, 2012
Posted by D C Electric
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Ceiling Fans in the Winter?

Ceiling Fans Are About Function

Most everyone knows what a ceiling fan is. A ceiling fan functions by moving air around, thus creating a breeze, which helps people feel cooler during the warm summer months. The real value of a ceiling fan is that it can help keep a person cooler while using less electricity than an air conditioner. But did you know that a ceiling fan can help keep you warmer during the winter months?

Ceiling fans create a breeze during the summer by spinning angled blades, normally counter clockwise, with the upturned edges leading. This is what creates the downdraft or breeze as the fan ‘pushes’ the air down to you, keeping you cool in the summer. But, did you know that many ceiling fans also have a button or switch that reverses the fan direction? Ever wonder why?

During the winter, the warm air in your house rises to the ceiling, leaving the colder air near the floor. This is where the reverse button comes into play! Once activated, the reverse flow function creates a suction, which instead of blowing air down, it pulls the cold air up from the floor which forces the warmer air down to you!

What’s more, with the motor in reverse, there is no breeze created from air blowing down on you, meaning no wind chill! Since your ceiling fan uses less electricity than an air conditioning system Using your ceiling fan year round can help save you money and keep you comfortable!

At D C Electric of Raleigh, our knowledgeable experts will be happy to help you select a ceiling fan that would be most appropriate for your space, be it a living room, bedroom or rec room. We can help you save money and be comfortable! Contact us about ceiling fans and many other Raleigh electrical services.

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