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21 Mar, 2016
Posted by D C Electric
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Custom Lighting With A Unique Personality & Style

custom lightingThe kitchen is the most important and most used space in the home. As more than just a place to eat, it serves as a conversation hub in the home. It promotes great family gatherings and a comfortable spot for parties and events. Whether day or night, how the space is illuminated will further contribute to the ambiance and setting of the room. Most kitchens have either the wrong kind of lighting or not enough to properly light the space. Don’t wait to remodel.  Any time is the perfect time to enhance the well-used areas of the kitchen and create an effective lighting scheme that will be pleasing to the eye. The addition of custom lighting in place of standard lighting will add style, function, visual interest and appeal to the space.

Custom lighting options can include:

  • Under and inside cabinet lighting
  • Under counter illumination
  • Recessed lights
  • Track Lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Pendants Lights
  • Skylights

Custom lighting is a good way to change not only the look of the kitchen, but change the feel of the space as well. Whether subtle or impactful, custom lighting in the kitchen will also add value to the property. It can highlight upgraded features in the space such as brightening and illuminating stainless steel appliances, adding a shine to high end counter tops and showcasing expensive china and glasses in cabinets. It is a wonderful way to bring a certain class to any room. Thinking about what you want to accomplish in a kitchen lighting scheme will give you a head start on deciding what fixtures will perform desired functions.

Use a layer technique in designing a lighting scheme. This technique includes:

  • Ambient layer: overhead lighting in the room
  • Task layer: lighting for accent purposes
  • Focal Layer: highlights objects and focal points in the room
  • Decorative layer: enhances overall design

D C Electric of Raleigh can assist you in the designing and executing of a lighting plan. Contact us to install unique and innovative selections that will result in an exciting and beautiful room.

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