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19 Jun, 2024
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Exploring Different Chandelier Designs for Your Home

Do you want your home to look more elegant without adding furniture? Look up at the ceiling. If you’ve got a plain overhead light up there, it’s time to add visual interest by installing a chandelier. Before you dismiss the idea because you don’t see how that stereotypical crystal-laden object might fit into your home, look at the styles available. These are only a sample of the types of chandeliers you could find.

Classic Crystal

Let’s start with the classic crystal chandelier, which can range from simply designed to out-of-this-world glittery and crystal-encrusted. These are the chandeliers that everyone thinks of when you mention a chandelier. They’re usually clear, although you can find them in different colors. The crystals are often held on by wires and hooks and can occasionally fall or be pulled off; it’s common to find replacement crystals online for different models of chandeliers.

The Candelabra

Many chandeliers have no crystals and fake “candles” around a central post. These are usually round or oblong and have a base that runs the circumference of the chandelier, with candle holders sticking up. Each holder has a fake candle that uses an electric bulb that’s often shaped like the outline of a flame. These are elegant and understated while also rustic and sensible-looking.

Abstract Glass

From starbursts to cascades of glass bubbles, abstract glass chandeliers provide light and many conversation starters. These are works of art that may be concentrated in one ball up near the ceiling, or that may cascade down past stairs with lights dangling on strings. Do look for ones where the glass is relatively light-colored or translucent because those allow so much more light to fill the room. Note that you’ll have to be careful if you’re installing one that extends down along a staircase, for example, as the glass can be fragile.


Chandeliers don’t have to be ornate or huge. They can be any hanging light, including those whose covers look more like bowls than candelabras. This style usually has one large bowl-shaped container that holds the light bulb while shielding people below from its brightness.

Minimalist Styles

Sometimes all you want is some overhead light, but you don’t want to resort to plain light boxes and shades. A minimalist chandelier may be just what you need. All the candles may be lined up in a single file, making the chandelier one you don’t notice. That’s good when you just want light in the room and aren’t planning to use the chandelier as part of the decorating scheme.


Cage-style chandeliers have a basic candelabra setup surrounded by a cage of sorts. It’s decorative, and the cage style is fantastic for fans of geometric designs. This open style allows all of the light to shine around the room but also gives the visual impression of containing the candelabra portion of the chandelier. It’s unobtrusive but visible, so you can use the chandelier as part of your decor without overwhelming the room.

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