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06 May, 2012
Posted by D C Electric
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Generators—Plan Now & Avoid Paying Later!

Keep Your Family & Employees Safe With Generators

For everyone along the US eastern seaboard, including us here in Raleigh, NC, hurricanes are something that come with the territory. Year in and year out we bite our nails and nervously plot storm paths hoping that each storm spares us its wrath. Although the official start of hurricane season is still a couple of months away, it is important to start to not only give thought to your backup power plan but to also take action!


If you already have a generator, whether it is a portable gas powered one or an installed whole house generator, it is important to test and continually test it now. If you let your car sit for six months straight you wouldn’t expect it to fire right and drive you to the Grand Canyon. Similarly, the longer your generator sits unused the more likely that it will need repairs. At a minimum work your generator every couple of weeks to ensure it is in good order. Also, it is important to test your generator under load. Just because the engine is running does not mean it is producing electricity. Hook up a small appliance while exercising your generator. This can help avoid a nasty surprise when you need your generator the most!

If you currently do not own a generator there is no time like the present to get one. So do not wait until there is a storm on the way to start to think about purchasing a generator. By then it may be too late. If you can find one it may be way more than what you need and end up costing you much more than it should.

At D C Electric of Raleigh our professionals will work with you to establish a backup power plan and install your generator. That way, whether it’s a weekend thunder boomer or an actual hurricane you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’re prepared!

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