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06 Sep, 2014
Posted by D C Electric
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The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

landscape lightingLandscape Lighting

One of the most popular trends in outdoor home improvement is the addition of landscape lighting. From New York to California, homeowners recognize the dramatic affect that well planned outdoor lighting can have on your home. Whether it is in the front yard, backyard, or both—it provides a safe, secure and welcoming environment that the whole family will enjoy. Besides creating breathtakingly beautiful environments, it also has other benefits.

Full Use of Your Yard, Garden or Patio

With its ambient effect on trees and gardens, a well-designed landscape lighting plan can enhance your yard or garden at night without flooding the neighbors with bright white light. There is also a very practical side to it as well. Decorative lighting can be used to mark pathways and garden areas transforming your backyard into a fully-functional area that is perfect for outdoor entertaining.

Shed Light on Those Dark Areas

Are there corners of your yard that you just don’t venture toward at night? Well-placed landscape lighting can have the wonderful effect of illuminating all of your yard. Besides the beauty it brings, it can also aid in your home security. A well-lit yard at night is (typically) a safer yard, as it is an affordable, effective deterrent to residential crime.

D C Electric of Raleigh – Your Landscape Lighting Specialist

Landscape lighting is safe for kids and pets and typically consumes less power than regular line voltage lighting. The beauty and added safety that it can make your home the serene environment that you always dreamed of! D C Electric of Raleigh can customize a landscape lighting plan to fit your taste and budget. Contact D C Electric of Raleigh today! (919) 662-5560

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