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21 Nov, 2022
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Lighting Options To Compliment Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands create a beautiful focal point in one of the busiest rooms of your house. Not only do they play a role in enhancing the overall aesthetics of your home, but it is also where you can expect to spend plenty of time preparing and enjoying your meals. The right lighting for a kitchen island should complement the overall decor while also providing you with ample light. These lighting options can serve as inspiration for choosing fixtures that will brighten up your space.

Check Out Modern Fixtures

The most obvious option for lighting comes down to modern fixtures. Right now, chandelier lights are a trending style for emphasizing a kitchen island. If you love the appearance of a chandelier, then you’ll want to make sure to choose one that doesn’t hang down too far. You’ll also want to make sure that it doesn’t compete with other lighting options in the kitchen. If you already have a chandelier hanging over the dining table, then you might want to choose a more subtle lighting option for the island.

Consider the Appeal of Antique Pendants

Most people are familiar with pendant lighting or single-bulb styles that are often placed in recently built homes. While these lights can add a touch of beauty, you may find that you prefer more extravagant styles. Pendant lights come in bell, globe, and tear drop shapes that have an antique look that gives your kitchen a touch of coziness. If you love throwback lighting, then you can even find pendants that are true antiques. Using an antique lighting fixture gives you a conversation piece that you can share with your loved ones as you spend time cooking together for events. If you plan to use multiple pendants, then make sure to talk to your electrician in Wake Forest about spacing them out to create the most aesthetic effect.

Use Recessed Lighting for Subtle Touch

Recessed lights provide what is commonly referred to in the electric industry as ambient lighting. Ambient light is the kind that fills a room without focusing too much on a specific area. During recessed lighting installation in Raleigh, NC, an electrician can place the lights directly over the island, or they can scatter them throughout the ceiling space to provide more lighting. Depending upon your needs, you can also have the electrician assign specific switches for different sets of lights, which allows you to only turn on the ones above the island as you work. 

Have an Electrician Shed Some Light On Which Option is Best

Every kitchen is different, which means it is hard to tell you exactly which option will work best until we see the island and understand your design preferences. Reach out to our team today to start creating a custom lighting plan that brings the right amount of brightness to your kitchen space.