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12 May, 2023
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Must-Have Electrical Updates For Kitchen Renovations

Must-Have Electrical Updates For Kitchen Renovations

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, there are three imperative electrical elements to consider. These important elements of a kitchen renovation begin by separating the kitchen into the following sections: worktops, cabinets, and appliances. Each of these three elements impact and dictate the entire process and design of your new kitchen.

Three Areas that Make a Kitchen Well-Designed

To get the maximum amount of functionality out of a kitchen renovation, the designs should follow basic kitchen design fundamentals. Kitchen designs should form a triangle around the range, sink, and refrigerator. There are four primary layouts of kitchen remodels– the “Galley”, “L”, “U”, and “G” or Peninsula. Each of these layouts represents the triangular process all on its own.

Kitchen Wiring that is Old and Outdated

Homes that are over fifty years of age hold a certain charm homeowners love. However, they are prone to potentially dangerous electrical problems, such as faulty wiring. Often a home that is half a century old has electrical devices and appliances that are outdated and circuits that need an upgrade. As your electrician in Morrisville, NC, we will inspect the wiring and give recommendations for possible upgrades for your renovation. 

Required Amps and Voltage of Appliances

Depending on the type of appliance you have or are looking to replace, you need to ensure proper circuits are available. We have designed a list of the appropriate voltage/circuit settings for the following appliances:

  • A refrigerator requires a dedicated 120-volts, 20- amps circuit.
  • The dishwasher needs a 15-ams/120 volt dedicated circuit.
  • Microwave requires a dedicated 20-amp, 120-volt circuit including a grounding wire.
  • Smaller kitchen appliances such as coffee pot, toaster, slow cooker, toaster, and other small items require dedicated 120-volt circuits and tow 20-amps.
  • Range oven needs 50 amps and a circuit with 240 volts.

The Importance of Lights

The number one way to make your kitchen more functional and attractive is with effective lighting. Often homeowners prefer a combination of pendant and recessed lights incorporated into their renovated kitchen. In addition, another excellent way to upgrade a kitchen is with under-the-cabinet-lighting. Typically, a 120 volt circuit with dedicated 15 amps is all that needed to power this lighting setup.

An Island in the Kitchen

Homeowners who wish to add work areas and storage to a small kitchen space opt for the kitchen island. You can add a smart home hub and electrical outlets to your kitchen island to make it more efficient. Simply ask your electrician to put in an electric box in the floor underneath to ensure safer streamlining of the island.

Contact Us for All Your Electrical Updates Regarding Kitchen Renovations

When planning a kitchen renovation, contact your residential electrician in Clayton, NC for all the electrical services and updates. At D C Electric of Raleigh, we provide electrical services for kitchen renovations and other home improvement projects. Contact us today to learn more!