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  • 3 Reasons Why Recessed Lighting Is A Beneficial Upgrade

    3 Key Benefits of Recessed Lighting Recessed lighting is very versatile and also very décor neutral. This type of lighting is used for general illumination, task lighting, or as accent lighting for highlighting your favorite artwork, collections, or décor details. Recessed lighting fixtures [...]

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    Electrical Renovations: Updating An Older Home

    Electrical Renovations Whether homeowners are upgrading an older home for family comfort or for selling purposes, electrical renovations are affordable and a great investment. Lighting is a selling point. The right lighting makes dark spaces and rooms bright and cheery. Closets, stairwells, and [...]

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    Patio Lighting for Spring!

    Patio Lighting Many people start enjoying outdoor family dinners and parties during the springtime.  A well-lit patio can help you to be able to have an outdoor evening meal with your family and close friends whenever you choose.  You can enjoy spending quality time outdoors in an area that has [...]

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    Custom Lighting—Add Warmth to Your Home

    Custom Lighting Installing custom lighting fixtures in your Raleigh, NC home is one way to imprint your personal taste on an area. At the same time, it is important not to go overboard. One must take care to see that the quantity of light is not compromised in the zeal to focus on the design. [...]

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    Generators—Plan Now & Avoid Paying Later!

    Keep Your Family & Employees Safe With Generators For everyone along the US eastern seaboard, including us here in Raleigh, NC, hurricanes are something that come with the territory. Year in and year out we bite our nails and nervously plot storm paths hoping that each storm spares us its [...]

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    Surge Protection For Your Whole House

    Surge Protectors You may be familiar with what surge protectors are. Chances are you have one on your computer or television. A surge protector is an appliance that is designed to protect electronic devices from power spikes. A power surge occurs when electrical voltage goes higher than the line or[...]

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