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07 Jul, 2016
Posted by D C Electric
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Ceiling Light Fixtures—Efficient & Practical General Lighting

Ceiling lighting is the most efficient and practical way to light any room. Ceiling light fixtures can illuminate entire rooms with minimal obstruction when placed in the most optimal overhead area. Ceiling light fixtures are used in homes a businesses for creating general lighting. While this type of lighting is very commonly found throughout, we recommend placing these light fixtures in hallways and foyers with lower ceilings. Flush mount and semi flush mount lighting fixtures are more practical in areas with higher activity like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms or playrooms. Ceiling fixtures are available in a variety of contemporary, traditional, and transitional styles including flush mount and semi flush mount lighting designs.

What types of ceiling light fixtures are available?

Flush mount fixtures: Typically, flush mount light fixtures are used in areas with limited space and low ceilings (below 8′) such as closets, hallways, or bathrooms. Flush mount lighting fixtures attach directly to the ceiling without a stem or chain. Being the least conspicuous type of ceiling fixture, they are often designed to blend in.

Semi-flush mount lights: Semi flush mount lights are a better option for higher ceilings (between 8′ and 10′). Generally, they hang less than 1′ away from the ceiling. Ideally, semi flush light fixtures are used in places with higher ceilings such as kitchens, bedrooms, or foyers. Semi flush lighting are a good idea to use in small rooms, as the fixtures give the illusion of a higher ceiling by illuminating up to the ceiling as well as down into the room.

How do I choose a ceiling light fixture?

Choosing the correct light fixtures is an integral part of lighting design for any space. The right lighting will accentuate any space and help you to get the most out of every room, whether working, entertaining, or relaxing. Lighting not only illuminates the room, but it also contributes to the overall aesthetic.

• Think about what room and the size of the room that the light fixtures will be in. Does the room have low or high ceilings? How big is the space you need to illuminate? Generally, you’ll want it to feel in proportion to other room furnishings.

• How much light do you need? Does the room have to be bright or can it be more dim? (You actually can have both options with dimmer switches.)

• Will light fixture be used for design or simply functional purposes? Again, take into account the size of the room to ensure the overall design is balanced.

Other types of ceiling fixtures include chandeliers, pendant lighting, and recessed lighting fixtures.

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