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14 Jun, 2015
Posted by D C Electric
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Reduce Energy Costs With Ceiling Fan Lighting Fixtures

Ceiling fan lighting fixtures are a popular choice for many rooms. This type of ceiling light fixture can be used in any room including dens, bedrooms, living rooms, common rooms, and kitchens. In addition to the fixtures versatility, ceiling fans bring other benefits as well:

Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan Lighting Fixtures Reduce Energy Costs

Ceiling fan lighting helps reduce energy costs by pushing cold or warm air back toward the living area of a room to create a gentle, welcoming breeze.

When you turn on your ceiling fan, you are creating a breeze where you need it the most. Ceiling fans keep the air moving within the room and help circulate the air as well. So, rather than turning the air conditioner down another degree, or the heat up another degree, you can simply turn on one ceiling fan to feel the air move.

Should I Add Dimmer Switches?

Go for it! As with chandeliers, ceiling fan fixtures can be more versatile with the addition of a dimmer switch to vary the light intensity. Adding dimmer switches allows you to have full control of the level of illumination in any space, to match whatever atmosphere you prefer. Dimmer switches can be easily installed by a professional electrician, save money, and add value to your business or home.

Adding ceiling fan lighting fixtures to your home is not only energy efficient, but also adds value to any home or business. If you have longed for a ceiling fan or need a new ceiling fan, a professional electrician will provide you with the best guidance to get what you want. Our Raleigh electricians, for example, can add a ceiling fan to rooms even when there is no attic access directly overhead.

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