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25 Apr, 2016
Posted by D C Electric
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Spring is the Best Time For Kitchen Lighting!

kitchen lightingAutumn festivities lull you into winter’s gloom, and before you know it, you’re in the dark—and not in a good way. Winter is such a dark season. By the time spring rolls around, you are more than ready for the light.

An experienced electrician can bring Spring into your kitchen lighting in a New York minute, and Spring is the perfect time to have that done because this is when you are most aware that you’ve missed the light. Think about it. Spring rolls around on the calendar and your spirits are lifted. It’s not all about the flowers—it’s about the light.

With recessed lighting plugged into the ceiling and custom kitchen lighting nestled under the cabinets, your cookie dough and glazed ham dishes can bask in the glow of light all year. Winter can take a hike.

Good lighting is not only healthy for your eyesight and emotional well-being, but it’s energy efficient too. Who knew? Your electrician knew. He still knows.

Spring may be the best time to remember why the human spirit craves light, but every day is the best time to enjoy it. Get some custom kitchen lighting, and give winter the boot.

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