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06 Mar, 2012
Posted by D C Electric
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Surge Protection For Your Whole House

Surge Protectors

You may be familiar with what surge protectors are. Chances are you have one on your computer or television. A surge protector is an appliance that is designed to protect electronic devices from power spikes. A power surge occurs when electrical voltage goes higher than the line or device is rated for and stays there longer than ten milliseconds.

A Very Real Concern

In today’s high-tech world, surge protectors prevent damage to computerized appliances and electronics from sudden surges in electrical lines. Every day appliances are zapped by numerous power surges. That number spikes dramatically during thunderstorm activity! These surges are power fluctuations that go unnoticed to us but not by our appliances and electronics! The net result can shorten appliance lifespan!

Types of Surge Protectors

There are basically two types of electric surge protection:

  1. Point Of Use
  2. Whole House

Point of use surge protectors are designed to protect individual pieces of electronic equipment or major appliances in the home at their electric source. Point of use surge protectors are the type that are plugged into a wall and then the electronic device or appliance is plugged into the surge protector. A Whole House surge protector is designed to protect homes against surges that enter through the home’s external electric supply. Whole House protectors are devices that are installed outside at the meter or electrical panel. These devices require installation by a licensed electrical contractor. The surge protector attempts to regulate the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by diverting excess voltages above a safe level to the ground.

Why Consider Whole House Protection?

There are a number of reasons why power quality has become such an important issue. For one, today’s computer chips are far more dense than they were even a few years ago, and subsequently, much more sensitive to even slight surges. As more and more appliances utilize computer chips they become more at risk to power fluctuations. Secondly, most homes and offices are using more equipment than ever before. Each time an electric device or appliance is turned on, it is at risk.

At D C Electric of Raleigh our professional electrical team can evaluate your need for a surge protector, make recommendations and install whole house protection for your peace of mind. One simple device can save thousands of dollars in replacement appliances and devices!

Let us help put a surge protector in your home!

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