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15 Nov, 2023
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5 Ways Smart Home Lighting Can Simplify Your Life

Technology and innovative products have enhanced our lives in so many ways and continually amaze us. Smart home technology is one of the leading innovations designed to make our busy lives easier and safer. Smart home lighting is more than just the hands-free ability to turn the lights on and off. It’s about creating a variety of adaptable lighting for every type of experience and occasion, from wherever you are. If you have always wondered about adding smart lighting features to your home, and how an electrician in Wake Forest, NC can help, take a look at the five benefits this effective, right-at-your-fingertips tool offers.

Schedule When Lights Are On and Off

Simplify your life with energy-saving automated smart home lighting. Set convenient schedules to turn lights on and off whenever you want. Just think, now you will never return to a dark home without leaving the lights on when you are away. Smart lighting also includes motion sensors that will turn the lights on when someone enters the room and turn them off when no one is in the room. Get peace of mind that when you come home the lights will be on to light your driveway, walkway, and entrance outside and select rooms that you schedule inside.

Enjoy Voice Assistant Technology

We all are familiar with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant technology advances that have transformed the way we use our smart devices and simplify our daily routines. These helpful voice assistants use commands like, “Alexa, turn off the hall light,” or “Siri, turn the living room light to 50 percent” and are always dependable and right on time. This hands-free smart lighting convenience allows us to continue household tasks when our hands are full or remain in bed or on the couch when we’re warm and cozy and prefer not getting up to change the lights.

Create Mood Enhancing Light Scenes

Light has everything to do with our moods and smart light technology allows you to change up the ambiance of any room with the touch of a button or voice command. Whether you want the room for a movie night, a romantic dinner, or a relaxing oasis, many smart home lighting features light scenes to preset the brightness, color, and vibe of the room.

Anytime, Anywhere Convenient Control

We’ve all rushed out of the house and couldn’t remember if we left the lights on. Most smart lighting systems have apps that allow us to use our smartphones and devices to turn lights on and off. So whether you are on an extended vacation and want to turn the lights on and off throughout the day or out for the night, this feature offers anytime, anywhere convenient control.

Provides A Layer of Home Security

Smart home lighting plays an important role in our home’s safety and security. Controlled lighting especially when you are out of the house deters potential thieves and intruders from breaking into your home. Additionally, lights that are activated by movement alert your smartphone when unusual activity is occurring on your property.

Learn More About Smart Home Lighting Today

Every home and lifestyle is different, but one thing is clear. Everyone benefits from smart home lighting that is professionally installed by D C Electric of Raleigh, the best residential electricians in Raleigh, NC. Explore how custom smart lighting will enhance and add safety to your home!