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13 Oct, 2023
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Benefits of LED Lighting

The lighting you choose for your home or business helps set the stage for your environment. Brighter lights energize the house, while dimmer lights create a romantic and relaxed feeling. The lighting you choose for your home or business could also impact your overall energy costs. Everything from setting the mood to reducing energy bills is why many people turn to LED lighting.

If you are still wondering if LED lighting is the best for you, we encourage you to continue reading. Then, call one of the best residential electricians in Raleigh, NC!

What is LED lighting?

A light-emitting diode, or LED, is a semiconductor device that generates light using electroluminescence. When electricity passes through the semiconductor, it emits a visible light. LED lighting is more energy efficient while providing you with the quality and brightness you prefer.

Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lights provide business owners and homeowners many benefits, such as using less energy and providing higher-quality lighting. Some of the benefits you may experience by using LED lighting in your home or business include: 

Energy Efficiency: LED lighting is more energy efficient, offering one of the most sought-after benefits: saving money. Installing LED lighting in exchange for traditional incandescent lighting can help brighten a room while helping save money by reducing light waste. Most people notice a difference of 60 to 70 percent in energy reduction after changing their lighting for LED light sources.

Longer Lifespan: Compared to the average incandescent bulb, LED lights last much longer. The average lifespan for an LED light is approximately 50,000 hours. Ultimately, how you use the light will significantly affect its lifespan, but it is far superior to traditional incandescent bulbs.

Improved Environmental Performance: Switching to LED lighting offers more eco-friendly options but also improves the lighting quality in your environment. Whether it is your home or business, LED lighting can help brighten the space, providing quality, eco-friendly lighting.

Optimal Function in Cold Weather: Sometimes, traditional lighting does not work well in cold weather conditions. However, when temperatures drop, LED lighting provides the same quality as when the weather is warmer. LED lighting performs better in cold temperatures by approximately five percent compared to incandescent lighting. Since LED lighting performs well in colder temperatures, it is the perfect option for parking lots and outdoor areas needing lighting.

Zero Heat & UV Emissions: Incandescent lights can get hot, especially when on for extended periods, and some lights get hotter than others. Switching to LED lighting uses 90 percent less energy, using only 10 percent of energy to produce light. Ultimately, reducing energy usage reduces heat and UV emissions from your home’s or business’s lighting.

Most of the light emitted from an LED bulb is within the visible spectrum, releasing near-zero heat. Because of the zero heat and zero emissions coming from LED lighting, this type of lighting is now being used for specific medical treatments and to illuminate works of art without the risk of damage.

Additional Benefits of Using LED Lighting

As you may have already noticed, there are many benefits to switching to LED lighting. Some of the additional benefits of using LED lighting may include the following:

  • Design flexibility
  • Instant lighting
  • Low voltage operation
  • More efficient dimming capabilities
  • Limitless directionality

Learn More About our Commercial and Residential LED Lighting Solutions

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